How can parents stop attackers with kids around?

Protect Loved Ones with Non-Lethal Self Defense

What’s worse than being attacked is to be attacked when you are with your kids. You wish to take out the culprit and eliminate the threat completely, but the risk is too high. Your lethal weapon could be snatched from you and used against your loved ones. Instead, have non-lethal self defense that can incapacitate just as well without taking lives.

Unless highly trained on guns or knives, do not try to use one to impede your assailant. You might get them, but the odds are they grab a hold of the weapon and get you. And those are odds you can’t afford if your children are present.

If you ever get mugged while out with your child, or the entire family is home when a break-in occurs, your goal should be to get away. If there is an opportunity to flee without being detected, take it. If you can, run even when the attacker has seen you. Get the kids to safety, and call 9-1-1.

You can’t always run, but fight with escape in mind. Stun guns and pepper sprays can take assailants down to buy time for you to take off, plus disable them from running after you. Personal alarms can scare them off further, and send out a distress signal so you might get help.

A stun gun offloads an electric shock powerful enough to immobilize, disorient and inflict pain. Pepper spray causes a severe burning pain, obstructs breathing, and swells the mucous membranes.

You could arm each child with a personal alarm. It is generally a push-button operation that even young kids can learn. Find a small and cheap stun gun or pepper spray for your grownup kids 18 or older.

Buy your non-lethal self defense weapons all together at bulk prices for savings. Also, you could get them wholesale for reselling. A drop ship wholesaler will deliver paid items from its warehouse straight to your buyers. As a reseller, you do not worry about storing and selling products you had to buy in advance.